Cedar Lee Solar Eclipse Exhibit

Art by Cedar is on exhibit August 1 – September 30th.


Cedar Lee is a Portland, Oregon-based contemporary artist specializing in original oil paintings with inspiring nature themes–redwood forests and other tree canopies, Tree of Life imagery, Lotus flowers, and solar eclipses in fantasy landscapes.

Cedar has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions since the late 1990s in many venues: municipal libraries, coffee shops, the National Security Agency, San Diego’s Museum of the Living Artist, national juried exhibits and arts centers. Cedar is represented by art galleries on the east and west coasts. Over the past decade, she has sold hundreds of original paintings into private collections in at least 17 U.S. states and around the world as far as Canada, Sweden and Italy.

On her Eclipse paintings, Cedar says, “I show a real astronomical event–total solar eclipse–with colors and compositions from a world of pure fantasy. Visually, these paintings are an exploration of light against darkness. The blinding, gleaming glow of the sun’s corona breaking out around the edges of the moon, that piercingly sharp contrast, is an indescribably satisfying phenomenon to look at. As a painter, I enjoy the challenge of painting a subject that is, in real life, mostly in darkness–literally an event that blocks out the sun–while finding creative ways to use as much light and color as possible to create a visually engaging, emotionally stirring image.”

To learn more about Cedar Lee’s work, visit ArtByCedar.com


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