200 Reasons Why 2

If we only focused on these five pieces for a few moments...the history is rich and memories are deep for so many. Top left is Eva Nisbet, a 1981 needle painting. Bottom left is a very recognizable Beverly Caldwell Morgan. The Artist is Margaret Ann Vinson Cameron. "Sweet 16". The female Marionette was handmade by Susan Mestan, retired CCHS Art teacher and one of the founding members of the Art Guild. The "Tradewater" painting in the windowsill at left is Artist Ricky Allen. This is Ricky's first (and only) completed painting. We're hoping Ricky paints many more for our viewing pleasure. In the windowsill at right is a photo of Jack Perkins, woodworker - glass worker- Artist of many trades, working on a boat named Dur Tra Vail in 1985. A complete renovation and rebuild, this vessel was renamed Captain Jack by the new owners. Photo Credit: Executive Director Melissa Peek